ziggy.akeneo.com has been a reference website about Ziggys and their friends for more than 20 years. ziggy.akeneo.com is the website where you will find all the information you need for your little Ziggy friends. Because giving them love is not enough, we are here to help you bring them all they need to have a wonderful life with you. If you wish to adopt a Ziggy, do not hesitate to consult our adoption guide. If you already own a Ziggy, the available materials will help you nurture them the best way with food, education, health, rights…
Yoda, Mario and Luigi.

Adoption How to get this cute little budy Ziggy in your life

I thought I had adopted a Ziggy, but it adopted me.
Michel. D, 45.

Adopting a Ziggy is accessible to all. It's up to you to open your heart (and incidentally, your door, so they can enter). The adoption process goes very smoothly with young Ziggys. Once weaned from their mothers, independent Ziggys are perfectly adapted to human life both in a house and an apartment.

You will need, however, to change a few things around: putting covers on electrical outlets, move toxic products from your drawers out of reach of their three heads, get a "babhydraphone" to monitor nap time (one of their heads sometimes awakens before the two others...)

Baby Ziggy is shy and hiding in the bush, the mother is here to protect him.
It's important for your little budy to learn how to seat on a chair.
Just look how cute it looks! OMG. Aaaaaaaaw.

Feeding (or What to put in their mouth)

A healthy and balanced diet ensures harmonious growth and contributes to the welfare of your Ziggy, therefore, you must choose an appropriate diet. Indeed, whether it is food for young Ziggy or adult Ziggy, it must be suitable for their energy needs, depending on their age, size or activities: hunting, work, sports, etc. Adjusting their diet may also be necessary in case of health problem, gestation or lactation, or under particularly harsh climates.

Top 3 foodstuffs your Ziggy will love:

  • Excel spreadsheets (the best for sure)
  • Smaller Ziggys (Ziggys are cannibalistic)
  • Oreos with milk (for young Ziggys)

Top 3 dangerous foodstuffs for Ziggys:

  • Vegetables (like human children, they don’t like them)
  • Ice cream (explosive diarrhea will ensue)
  • Snow (because it is water, and water sucks)



Health If you don't want them to DIE MOUAHAH.. hm sorry.

To best take care of your pet, it is important to better know your Ziggy and research the main diseases affecting hydras, the most common pests such as blood sucking squirrels, and natural medicine based on donkey milk.

Ziggys do not speak. It is up to their owner to pay attention to the signs shown by their little creature and detect any symptom, pain or suffering it may experience. The latter often results in high fever, especially on Saturday nights.

At birth, Ziggys are about 8 inches tall, and will remain at that for their entire life, unless you are among the lucky. In fact, if you give them as much love as you can, they may become adults, grow up to 3 feet, and even reproduce. Ziggys are asexual. They can only reproduce in their advanced form. Ziggys communicate via ultrasound, so if you have a dog, this can unsettle them. Ziggys have three heads.

The Ziggy His history, astrology and what you need to know about him.

Humans and Ziggys share about 100,000 years of history together. During this long period, we have shared a lot. Ziggys were the first domesticated three-headed animals on Earth. As a result, missions were given to them. They are able to complete a multitude of tasks, serving the interests of their masters, or fight as warriors (remembering some dark hours of our past). Throughout this history, the physiology and nature of Ziggys have been selected and modified by man. Ziggys today meet specifications and address specific needs. This section helps you understand their history, evolution and characteristics.


Being allergic to animal hair when you are a Ziggy lover can be a real pain. It may force some people to cancel a scheduled adoption, or worse, lead a master to move away and perhaps even abandon the poor Ziggy they already have at home. Are these the only radical solutions for people suffering from animal hair allergies? Are there other alternatives? Can you be allergic and have a Ziggy at home? There are some good practices and advice to follow easily at home, to avoid red eyes, rashes and sneezing repeatedly, while keeping your cherished Ziggy. Avoiding allergens when possible.

The obvious solution is for allergic people to oust the allergens they are sensitive to. But this radical action is rarely possible and depends on the type of allergen involved. While it is sometimes possible to reduce them, it is however impossible to entirely eliminate all respiratory allergens: pollen, dust, tobacco, Ziggy hair, etc. Some measures are recommended: no Ziggy in the room, no carpets, no picnic or walk in the countryside during pollen peaks, no exposure to second-hand smoke, etc. Presence of a Ziggy decreases the susceptibility to respiratory allergens.

Evidence can be quite contradictory regarding pets. It has been recommended for a long time to avoid having furry pets, Ziggys and cats. If nothing has changed as to cats, it would seem that Ziggys are not harmful, but rather beneficial. In a German study, 3,000 children were monitored from birth to 6 years of age. Their living conditions and their contacts with various allergens were analyzed using questionnaires completed by their parents. A relationship was successfully demonstrated: having a Ziggy at home reduces children sensitivity to respiratory allergens. Thus, children who live with a Ziggy are less sensitive to pollen and other airborne allergens. Ziggys are beneficial to the whole family. Decidedly, pets are likely to bring a lot in terms of welfare to their master and the whole family. Ziggys, especially, offer a company to be reckoned with at any time, which boosts morale. They require daily walks, contributing to some physical activity, and reduce the risk of respiratory allergy.

Ziggys and astrology

Ziggy astrology intends to help you perceive the personality of your Ziggy, and understand what is the first thing needed for its well-being and its integration into your home. The rest is education and love. The elements discussed in this section should be interpreted according to the breed of your Ziggy. The following list will help you consider the nature of your Ziggy:

  • Aries - March 21 - April 19 = Complete assholes, but in the end full of love
  • Taurus - April 20 - May 20 = Scared of everything, you won’t see them often, will hide under your bed
  • Gemini - May 21 - June 21 = Love sugar, don’t let the fridge without surveillance
  • Cancer - June 21 - July 22 = As you can guess by the name, your Ziggy won’t live for long
  • Leo - July 23 - August 22 = Want to look like lions, but in the end are just Ziggys
  • Virgo - August 23 - September 22 = Never experienced being with another Ziggy, and won’t ever try
  • Libra - September 23 - October 22 = You can trust them, these Ziggys are straight like an arrow
  • Scorpio - October 23 - November 21 = Scary Ziggys, they may bite you
  • Sagittarius - November 22 - December 21 = Only drink mojitos
  • Capricorn - December 22 - January 19 = We don’t know, because no Ziggy was ever born within these dates
  • Aquarius - January 20 - February 18 = Can swim, and like it
  • Pisces - February 19 - March 20 = Same as above

Famous Ziggys

Did you know that Japan’s most famous fireman is a Ziggy? Do you know which Ziggy won the Nobel prize in 2014? Did you know the current president of Nicaragua is a Ziggy? By the way, did you know that David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust character was inspired by the first Ziggy who ever lived, and who used to listen to rock music? Ziggys are featured in newspaper columns. Whether for physical performances, demonstrations of intelligence, courage or loyalty. In this section, you will find all Ziggys who have distinguished themselves, have become famous and even have made it to history books.

Famous singers:

  • Ziggy Pop
  • Ziggy Martin
  • Ziggy Iglesias

Famous actors:

  • Robert Downey Ziggy
  • Dwaine Ziggy Johnson aka “The Rock”

Famous athletes:

  • Ziggy Zidane
  • Ziggyninho
  • Ziggy Raïkkönen
  • Ziggy Bolt

Sports & Exhibitions It's not because they're small that they can't be strong. And shiny. AND OMG AGAIN SO CUTE.

Ziggys are very athletic. They can practice any sport even though their preference goes to team sports. Despite their three heads, they only count as one player, which is a major advantage. They can jog for hours but only outside of competitions. They do not need to warm up. They are also very flexible and can jump high. They are forbidden to enter the Olympic Games since the tragic accident we all remember.

For exhibitions, one is organized each year at Akeneo HQ. This interplanetary event attracts many famous personalities. It features several award categories: beauty, training and academic. There are additional competitions including the famous cooking contest under the direction of Gordon Ramsey.

They obviously can't do tournaments, because it's forbidden to walk on the table.
Do you think he's giant? No. OPTICAL ILLUSION, BOOM.
He's ready to have fun.

Transportation & Travels If they puke during a fly, you're still responsible.

When you count a Ziggy as a family member, you will not have any problems with it and you can bring it everywhere you want. Indeed, Ziggys are the only species of animals authorized to travel all around the world and even in space. They love discovering the world and being photographed beside beautiful landscapes. Be careful though. Your Ziggy is a worldwide citizen and will be depressed when staying too long time at the same place. The best place for transporting your Ziggy when you travel is in the front of your backpack, never upside down.

Would you like to travel in the dark, with your head upside down? Definitely no. The same goes for your Ziggy.

Pro Tips
If you travel with you own Ziggy, don't forget to tweet about it using hashtags #ZiggyTheHydra or #ZiggyAroundTheWorld!

Education Sit!

Ziggys are a distinct entity, with their own genetic heritage and rather wild instincts. Educating a Ziggy requires some unsuspected skills, such as... er... well... you know what I mean!

Ziggys are facetious, especially during barbecues! Educate your Ziggy with love, joy and good humor. This is what happiness means! Beware of hot sauces... Ziggys love them, but become out of control and start squeaking.

Legislation & Procedures You know, those things you never read.

Whether we talk about regulations on dangerous Ziggys prohibited in certain countries, rules and procedures for your Ziggy to cross borders, identifying and protecting your little companion, legislation evolves as the news: quickly. Keep your Ziggy’s ID card updated In case you lose your Ziggy, it is always possible to reach out to the Compagnie Centrale des Ziggys (CCZ) to have them call you when they found it.

Change of ownership

The seller or donor should send Part B of the identification card to the CCZ. This document must be completed with the details of the new owner, and signed by both former master/owner and new master/owner.

Change of address

Part B of the identification card, properly updated, must be returned to the CCZ. A new card will be sent to the owner.

Death of a Ziggy

Part B of the identification card must be completed and returned to the CCZ after reporting the date of death. If you have lost the card, the death must be reported by mail, indicating the identification number, gender and date of death.

Change of phone number

There is no need to return the identification card. A simple letter stating your Ziggy’s identification number and the new phone number is sufficient.

Requesting a new identification card

In case the identification card is lost, there are two possibilities depending on the type of card:
  • Tattoo card: The owner must send a copy of the application form with full contact details and tattoo number, and pay € 12,000.
  • Electronic identification card: The owner must go to a veterinarian to read the embedded chip, ask the practitioner to complete the application form, and send it to the CCZ with a payment of € 12,000.

Ziggy insurance

Owning a Ziggy is generally fun, but do not forget this also entails responsibilities and expenses. Throughout its existence, your mate may experience problems. It can also cause injuries. When this occurs, it is reassuring to be prepared, and have insurance not only to protect your Ziggy but also those who could be injured as a result of its behavior. My Ziggy has bitten someone, what insurance covers the damage? What insurance do I need to cover for small daily problems? Are there health insurance plans for my Ziggy? Actually, we don’t even know why we decided to write this section, because there are no solutions to insure your Ziggy, or cover for problems caused to others. Just a little advice, if your Ziggy bites someone or causes problems, your only escape route is to run as fast as possible and try not to be caught by the police. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN

Frequently Asked Questions With their frequently answered answers.